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HR-V Turbo 2023: more modernity

When it comes to Honda we know that it wastes no time in launching new models, with the 2023 HR-V Turbo being its latest release.

But then, you must be wondering: what's different about this new 2023 HR-V Turbo model compared to the previous one?

This new SUV model has a flex-fuel engine, whereas the previous one, the 2023 naturally aspirated HR-V 1.5, did not.

That way, while in the previous version you could only fill up with one type of gasoline, now with the HR-V Turbo 2023 you can fill up with both ethanol and gasoline.

With an engine of 177 hp and 6000 rpm, it's a car for both touring and going out on the road.

If you fill up with ethanol, know that you will be able to run 7.9 km/l inside the city and up to 8.8 km/l on the road.

Although it is less economical than the previous one, don't forget that the engine of this new version is a flex type.

This new version of the 2023 HR-V Turbo has two models, the Advance and Touring versions, but the difference between them is few.

Both models feature the myHonda Connect system, this technology allows you to control some aspects of your car.

Through an application installed on your smartphone, how to lock and unlock the doors.

Therefore, in the Advance version you will be able to add the air conditioning digitally in two zones, it has a front parking sensor, wireless charger and rain sensor.

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On the other hand, the Touring version, you will be able to adjust the driver's seat electrically, the start is of the remote type and the wheels are 17″ alloy.

And the changes don't stop there, the car's external design has also changed compared to the naturally aspirated 1.5-liter SUV.

Now the HR-V Turbo has two exhaust outlets, the taillights have a smoked finish and more robust bumpers.

Given all these characteristics, there is no denying that Honda always surprises its customers.

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