Classic Model: Yamaha XSR 900 2023

If you like motorcycles with a more classic style, the Yamaha XSR 900 is perfect for you, as it combines modernity and a more classic design.

The XSR 900 motorcycle is among three motorcycle models that will be launched by Yamaha in 2023.

With a 100% design inspired by 1980s race bikes, the homage to Deltabox-designed bikes starts with the beautiful blue color.

Although few know it, old Yamaha motorcycles had blue as the default color.

Combined with the beautiful design, Yamaha manufactured the XSR 900 motorcycle with rounded LED headlights, thus giving the bike a classic and modern look.

When it comes to the design of the rear of this bike, know that it is more discreet.

Another feature that Yamaha brought was the seat, because the XSR 900 became more spacious and ergonomic.

And the news of this release doesn't stop here!

The dashboard of this bike has a square and taller design, being considered a classic model.

Rest assured, however, Yamaha has developed a high resolution screen for you to view information.

When it comes to the engine, Yamaha has equipped this new model with a 3-cylinder, 12-valve engine with a liquid cooling capacity of 890 cc.

As expected from Yamaha, the engine has a capacity of up to 14 liters of fuel, achieving up to 18 km/l.

The XSR 900 motorcycle also features a new intake and exhaust system.

The exhaust design is more low-slung, mass-centric and significantly lighter, in addition to having a neo-retro style.

With 6 gears, Yamaha promises in this new generation a smoother gear shift.

It is worth mentioning that the tires were made in a lighter material, which makes this bike even more powerful.

Finally, the ignition has TCI-type technology and an electric start system.

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