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SUV Haval H6: Chinese brand

The Chinese brand, Great Wall Motors (GWM), will launch a car model in Brazil, the SUV Haval H6 that promises facial recognition.

The Chinese brand GWM will launch for the first time in Brazil the SUV Haval H6, which intends to compete with the Tiggo 8 and the Jeep Compass.

Among the biggest news of this SUV is the technology, as the Chinese brand promises cameras inside the car with facial recognition.

In this way, the Haval H6 is able to recognize up to five drivers, that is, those behind the wheel.

Through facial recognition of the facial features of those behind the wheel, the Haval H6 will be able to adapt to the adjustments that each driver has made.

That is, as soon as the car recognizes your face, it will make adjustments to the brightness of the screens and the Head Up display, for example.

Still on top of the technological advantages of GWM, the Haval H6 will monitor distractions and your fatigue so you can take a break and even wake you up.

All this for you to have more safety and avoid accidents.

And the news doesn't stop there!

The Haval H6 promises to do up to 1000 km in its hybrid version.

And let them know that the news is not only present in relation to technology, but also in relation to its design.

Regarding the exterior of this SUV, this car has a wide hexagonal grille on the front and a robust bumper.

In addition, the fog lights accompany this vertical design, thus giving the car a more robust look.

Now, when it comes to the engine, it comes equipped with a 1.5 turbo engine and an electric one that together add up to 243 horsepower.

However, the manufacturer promises that the electric motor will reach a power of 326 hp, thus being considered a great innovation in SUV models.

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