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New model Toyota Yaris PCD 2023

Toyota's new car, the 2023 model Yaris PCD, promises to be one of the sales leaders. So, we already have information about the Toyota Yaris.

Toyota's intention with this new release is to remain high in the popular car market.

So, for that, he designed a car with limited resources so that the value remained low.

In this way, Toyota did not spend much of its resources on developing a powerful car.

Therefore, the engine of this car is of the 1.5 type, has 110 hp and reaches a top speed of 173 km/h.

However, to win a larger number of customers and compete with other models that are on the market, the Toyota Yaris has a flex-power engine.

That is, you can fill up with both gasoline and ethanol, which is one of the attractions of this car.

In addition, the new Toyota model is considered economical, because when you fill up with ethanol the Toyota Yaris does 8.8 km/l in the city and 10 km/l on the highway.

And the advantages don't stop here!

When you fill up with gas, Toyota promises you'll be able to get up to 12 km/l on the road.

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Another novelty is that for vehicle lovers, know that Toyota has launched three versions of the Yaris, the XL, XS and XLS.

It is worth remembering that all models are equipped with automatic transmission and seven speeds (gears).

When it comes to your safety, know that the Toyota Yaris has a side airbag for the driver and passengers, reverse parking sensor and cruise control.

And, for you to drive more comfortably, the steering wheel has height adjustment in addition to being multifunctional.

But what is the value of this car anyway? Currently at the list price the Toyota Yaris is costing from 90 thousand reais, more can be negotiated for R$70.000,00.

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