New Honda CB300F 2023

The new Honda CB300F is the newest addition to Honda's Naked lineup of motorcycles. The bike model has been updated for the year 2023 with significant improvements to improve performance. In addition, the 286cc inline twin-cylinder engine delivers a power of 25 hp at 8,500 rpm.

The bike also features a 5-speed transmission, dual-disc front brake and rear drum brake, which provide excellent stopping power.

In addition, the Honda CB300F comes with pressurized rear suspension, which ensures greater stability and comfort when cornering. This high-performance bike also has an excellent power-to-weight ratio and is ideal for riders of all levels.

Main features of the new Honda CB300F 2023

The Honda CB300F 2020 features innovations in technology and design. Check out the main features of this model below:

• Engine: The new CB300F's engine is a 305 cc four-stroke single-cylinder, with 22.7 hp of maximum power and 2.86 kgf.m of torque.

• Technology: The model has a new electronic fuel injection system, which improves fuel economy and provides better acceleration. In addition, the new CB300F has ABS brakes and traction control for greater safety.

• Design: The motorcycle's look has gained many refinements, with the adoption of circular headlights and clean lines that contribute to its aerodynamic design.

• Comfort: The model also has very soft seats and ergonomic handlebars, providing greater comfort on trips.

Advantages of the new Honda CB300F 2023

The Honda CB300F 2020 brings a number of new features compared to its previous version.

1. Increased power: The new model features a significant improvement in terms of power. The new CB300F has 27.8 hp, while the previous version had 25.0 hp.

2. Greater torque: In addition to offering greater power, the new CB300F also delivers slightly greater torque. It has 2.09 kgf.m, while the previous version had 1.93 kgf.m.

3. New electronic injection system: The Honda CB300F 2020 is equipped with a new electronic injection system that offers greater efficiency and fuel economy.

4. Greater autonomy: The new CB300F also provides greater autonomy. The 2023 version has a 17 liter fuel tank, while the previous version had only 13 liters.

5. Better performance: The model features a new 6-speed gearbox that ensures better performance at high speeds.

6. Greater comfort: The CB300F 2023 has new front and rear suspensions that offer much more comfort to the pilot.

7. Modern design: The new model also has a new modern and elegant design. With more rounded lines and metallic details, it has a much more modern look.

8. More features: The model is also equipped with more features, including a keyless starting system (Smart Key) and a panel with full LCD displays.