Harley-Davidson Speedster 2022

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Speedster motorcycle was developed in partnership with Porsche. Keep reading and learn all about this model!

It was in 2022 that the famous European brand embarked on developing the Revolution engine that Harley-Davidson Speedster would fit into the frames of their muscle bikes.

And they did a wonderful job, with the 1,131cc, 120hp water-cooled engine still powering V-Rods on the roads of our world to this day, six years after Milwaukee stopped making these amazing machines.

You'd think such a rare collaboration would have spawned many tribute motorcycles from the custom industry, bikes built by talented hands to capture the essence of Porsche and Harley.

But the truth is, after years of covering the custom motorcycle scene, I can say that these builds are about as rare as it gets.

The two-wheeler we're here to look at today is just that, a Harley-Davidson Speedster nod to Porsche not connected to V-Rods.

Incidentally, the Speedster, as the post-conversion motorcycle is called, is a reference to several iconic German cars, such as the 911 Carrera, the Speedster (hence the name given to the built), or the racing 917, a Harley-Davidson Sportster 2007.

Styled like a café racer, one of Lord Drake's favorite styles, the Speedster is a far cry visually from the motorcycle it started with.

And while the exact changes aren't listed by store, just looking at the ride reveals the biggest differences.

Starting at the front, we have a completely redesigned nose with a new headlight and lower handlebars that end in wooden grips.

The fork is not the original and holds between its two arms a multi-spoke wheel wedged in a red-walled tire.

Further back, thanks to the straightening of the fuel tank and seat, the ride's profile line no longer sags back, but maintains an even visual line.

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Inside the frame, several covers covering the original engine were removed, giving the bike a more robust appearance.

The rear of this bike is more impressive, with the same kind of wheel and tire combination as the front protected from the weather by a tall, angular fender reminiscent of the rear of the 917.

Other Harley-Davidson Speedster Porsche references can be found in the build name, of course, but also in the colors used on it, the emblems placed here and there (most visible on the fuel tank) and, of course, the fender design. rear.

You could say that's not enough to justify such a connection, but remember that in the world of custom motorcycles, all it takes is a paint job, badges, and other minor references.

Europeans certainly believe that the Harley-Davidson Speedster is a cool ride with a Porsche twist and in 2018 when it was first shown they awarded it a second place finish in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

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Source: Autoevolution