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The end of the road model for the SUV

Ford announced that the end of the road model has come, giving way to the SUV model. See below for more details on this subject!

Most automakers are betting heavily on electrification, but Ford wants to go a step further, opting out of the less profitable segments of the ICE-powered line, that is, the end of road models.

According to its CEO, Jim Farley, Ford will not compete in the "two-row SUV market" when it comes to ICE-powered models in North America, signaling the discontinuation of certain models or their replacement with EV-only offerings.

It is worth noting that the term 'commodity SUV' refers to models designed and marketed for mass appeal to a broad consumer base.

These types of SUVs are typically more competitively priced and often sold below the MSRP.

Ford currently offers a few models that fit that description, including the Escape and Edge, but not the Explorer and Expedition, as they have a three-row layout, meaning they don't fall into the SUV category.

Starting from the smallest of the bunch, the Ecosport is all but dead, with Ford basically selling the last remaining 2022MY examples.

The fourth-generation Escape (Kuga in Europe) was introduced in 2019, with a mid-lifecycle update in 2022.

Jim Farley had previously hinted that the model will be discontinued, likely after the end of the current generation's life cycle.

According to reports from last year, this will happen in late 2025, with EV replacement rumored for 2026.

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As for the second-generation Ford Edge, which dates back to 2015 with a facelift taking place in 2018, it's expected to be dropped from the US lineup soon, at least in its current form.

The automaker recently unveiled the Ford Edge L 2024 in China, featuring a three-row interior with gasoline and hybrid powertrain options.

However, a more plausible scenario for North America is a new all-electric SUV to replace the aging Edge, leaving the Edge L a China-only affair.

That way, we can understand why it's the end of the Ford Estrada.

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