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Kia Sportage 2023: now in hybrid version

The new 2023 Kia Sportage SUV has arrived full of news to compete with its competitor Jeep Compass.

Among the novelties that this new release from Kia brings are several.

Inside, you can see an increase in space between the rear seats and the luggage compartment.

The rear seats are reclining, which makes you have 562 liters.

With so much space, you can easily carry your groceries and take long trips with the family.

And the news on the Kia Sportage 2023 doesn't stop here!

The Kia Sportage is a great selling point among mid-sized SUVs, because it now has a 12.3″ panel to control various car functions.

In addition, it has a blind-spot monitor, 360-degree surround view via four cameras and wireless cell phone charging.

Now, when it comes to the exterior of the new Kia Sportage, know that the innovations don't stop there!

Using the latest technology and to make the lives of its users safe, Kia has installed various security systems.

Its new design could not be left out either. In addition to the more than 10 colors available, the headlights of this car are in LED and in the shape of a boomerang.

In relation to the front of the Kia Sportage, it was radical, as it has a giant grille and a brushed steel bar, thus giving it a more sporty look.

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With a 180 hp 1.6 turbo engine and seven gears, the Sportage reaches 100 km/h in just 9.1 seconds.

With a hybrid-type system, the SUV is capable of doing 11.5 km/l inside the city and 12.1 km/l on the highway.

Overall, the new Kia is a comfortable car to drive and provides comfort for those who want to hit the road on weekends.

In this way, the Kia Sportage is currently available at dealerships in Brazil.


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