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New Fiat Uno 2023 could be SUV

The incredible and iconic Fiat Uno 2023 could arrive with a new SUV version.

With its production for more than 37 years here in Brazil, the compact Fiat Uno had its production ended in December 2022.

So with some information, Fiat will have to manufacture the model again in Europe, only a little different from the old ones.

Lately there have been some projections, which make us think that the model is coming back.

Finally, with the merger of the Italian brand with Stellantis, a giant in the automotive market. There would certainly be new amazing models, like this project that we will be able to see on the streets, in a while.

This new Fiat Uno 2023 will be developed on the CMP platform and was based on the Opel Mokka.

Also remembering that Fiat already has the 500X, but still needs another model to compete with the big competitors.

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If the production of the new Uno is finally confirmed, it will arrive to fight among the small SUVs, on the CMP platform.

The engine is not yet certain, but it could be a 110 hp gasoline engine from the PureTech line. Or a turbodiesel engine with 130 horsepower, with an electric motor helping with performance and economy.

Because it's just a projection, we'll probably only start to see them running in test, next year.

For the company's marketing, it would be great to revive a classic car like this.

So we just have to wait to see if the model really comes to the market.

Source: CarPix and Fixed World

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