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New Honda ZR-V comes to face the Corolla Cross

Honda is preparing the ZR-V, a rival car for the Toyota Corolla Cross!

Will the ZR-V, a utility car that was derived from the Civic, which is currently shown in China, come to Brazil?

So the model will be a little bigger than the HR-V and a little smaller than the CR-V.

It was to be expected that Honda would do this in Brazil, a utility car larger than the HR-V and smaller than the CR-V. There was a space in the market, and they are taking advantage of it.

So Honda has just shown, in China, the ZR-V, which will be launched on the 19th.

Anyway, with some information, this will be the model that will rival the Corolla Cross. So far we only know that the new model will be able to reach the Brazilian market in the second half of this year, or at the very beginning of next year.

In addition to its size, the new Honda ZR-V is quite different in design from the HR-V. The design is very similar to the models shown in teasers of the model prepared for the European market.

In some countries the model will have a panoramic sunroof, and larger wheels and headlights with some chrome details. Honda is looking to be more sophisticated, like the brands considered premium, “Audi”, “Mercedes” and “Volvo”.

Honda ZR-V 2023 engine

Finally, the engine of the ZR-V will be the 1.5 liter turbo engine with direct injection from the Honda. Only here in Brazil that it can be with the flex motor.

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In the model sold in Europe, the car will have a hybrid engine, with the e:HEV system. This system uses a combustion engine, which works to generate energy for the batteries, and two electric motors to move the car with optimal performance.

The Honda ZR-V 2023 in this version could steal some buyers from the competitor Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid, in some countries the model will be sold.

Finally, the model that will have some changes is the CR-V, which will compete in a segment above the current one.

Therefore, this new generation of the Honda CR-V is also planned for next year, in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

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