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Porsche Panamera 2024: new design

The Porsche Panamera 2024 has a new design inside. So, keep reading and check out the news that Porsche has brought!

The Zuffenhausen carmaker is currently testing a vastly redesigned Panamera, which may or may not be announced as the third generation. A porsche did not employ an entirely new platform for its internal combustion engine sedan, but the same MSB used by Bentley for the Continental GT and Flying Spur.

Tests spied on the Scandinavian peninsula, the updated Panamera is rocking a cockpit very similar to the aforementioned Cayenne. There are small differences, of course. But the most important parts – think steering wheel, transmission selector lever, park button, infotainment system and digital instrument cluster – are shared.

Zooming into the infotainment system also reveals the car's exterior design from an overhead perspective. The passenger side of the dash is covered to hide the optional passenger display mentioned a few paragraphs back.

The gloss black finish on the center console might not be everyone's cup of tea for pretty obvious reasons, but, similar to stuffing the interior with monitors, the gloss black finish is a no-nonsense approach to automotive luxury.

The prototypes in the photo gallery feature similar twin-spoke wheels, but different front bumpers and tailpipes. In other words, we are dealing with different powertrain options.

Redesigned headlights and taillights are also noticeable, seemingly inspired by the updated Cayenne that Porsche unveiled earlier this month. As expected from Porsche, the 2024 Panamera is an evolution of a wool-dyed recipe for sedans.

And shooting brakes if we include Sport Turismo. Scheduled to debut in late 2023 or early 2024, the higher-end Panamera will certainly continue with twin-turbocharged V6 and V8 engines.

Emphasis on powertrains over internal combustion engines due to hybrid assistance. In the case of the Cayenne, the E-Hybrid is based on the V6. On the outgoing Panamera, the top-of-the-line Turbo S E-Hybrid features a V8 engine.

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The Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, for example, will keep its current ratings (700 ps or 690 hp and 870 Nm) or go up a notch. The latter appears to be the way forward because of upcoming sports sedans like the BMW M5 plug-in hybrid. A diesel is out of the question, with Porsche discontinuing the Panamera 4S Diesel in 2018 due to appallingly poor sales.

By the way, wait for higher prices for all variants, because the cayenne now comes with a significantly expanded selection of standard equipment. Highlights include LED matrix headlights, Park Assist front and rear, rearview camera, wireless smartphone charger, Active Suspension Management and 20-inch alloy wheels.

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Source: Autoevolution