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Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 2024 is seen in test

The 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 has been seen on the road in Europe. With its camouflaged extremities, check out what's new!

O mercedes-AMG GLS received a light makeover, intended to keep it competitive for a few more years, until the next generation launches and, hopefully, force BMW's hands to release an M version of the X7, which would sit alongside the Alpina XB7 in your family.

Of course, the biggest crossover of the brand became the focus of the camera lens in the outfit of the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63, developed by Mercedes-AMG. After all, it sports the Panamericana grille with vertical slats at the front and quadruple ones at the rear.

For the rest, it has sportier bumpers on both ends that further differentiate it from the rest of the range, along with an aggressive diffuser and several other things.

Remember, for now, the lighting units appear to have identical graphics.

The grille looks identical and has the same number of slats and the large three-pointed star logo in the middle that was hidden in the tester in the photo.

The bumper doesn't seem to have any changes for now, although that could be the camouflage doing its job.

The same goes for the rear, which was partially covered in snow in the footage taken by our spies, so it's even harder to make out the taillight graphics.

Inside, we could be looking at a reconfigured dashboard that's supposed to host a more modern infotainment system in the brand's super-fast seven-seater crossover.

The steering wheel must be new and, as usual, may receive new upholstery and trim, as well as other adjustments.

However, as our photographers didn't take any photos of the cabin, this is pure guesswork and may or may not confirm when it releases.

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Carrying a suggested price of approximately 799 thousand reais, the current Mercedes-AMG GLS 6 3 comes with a 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8.

Aided by a mild hybrid system, it's good for 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque and produces 603 hp (612 ps/450 kW). Being very fast, taking 4.1 seconds to reach the mark of 97 km/h for a standstill.

At this point, there is no reason to believe that output and thrust will change in any way. So, in all likelihood, it will stick with the same V8 for now.

Again, this is something that will be confirmed in due course, and that should happen in a few months, when the big debut of the mercedes-AMG GLS 63 will take place.

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