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Alfa Romeo 2023 comes to compete with BMW

The new Alfa Romeo model Giulia and Stelvio 2023 came to compete with cars from BMW and Mercedez-Benz. See more about this car below!

THE Alpha Romeo may be working on big, premium EVs, but until they arrive, the good old Giulia and Stelvio duo remain the automaker's ICE-powered flagships, with the romantic twist of being the last of their kind.

For 2023, the Italian automaker has unveiled the second facelift in a row for the Giorgio-based models, endowing them with more style and more technology, while keeping them un-electrified for their last dance.

While North America is still getting the older versions, the updated Alfas have already arrived at dealerships in Europe, so he visited a dealership to take a closer look.

Appearance is subjective, but Alfa Romeos are generally considered to be among the best-looking competitors in the D-segment.

Despite the fact that the Giulia was originally released in 2015 and the Stelvio followed in 2016, the folks at Centro Stile didn't have to do much to keep them looking fresh and sexy, as both designs have aged gracefully.

The matrix LED headlights are likely the highlight of the 2023 update, with the Giulia and Stelvio taking notes in the Tonale minor rulebook

The triple modules for each cluster and the dark background give Alfa Romeo models a modern look. The same goes for the new black pattern on the Veloce's slightly revised grille and bumper intakes, plus new LED graphics for the taillights.

Last but not least, the Veloce comes standard with beautiful two-tone alloy wheels measuring 19n” on the Giulia and 20” on the Stelvio, featuring the classic telephone dial design.

The only real change for 2023 is the addition of the Tonale's 12.3" digital instrument cluster, with three different styles for the dials - the regular Evolve, the minimalist Relax and the retro-flavored Heritage.

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The same applies to the 8.8” infotainment touchscreen, carried over from previous models. Graphics are simple, sharp and well-organized.

The flat-bottomed steering wheel remains pleasant to look at and hold, as do the aluminum paddle shifters behind it. The DNA display offers easy access to the three driving modes – Dynamic, Natural and Advanced – with corresponding infotainment graphics and different instrument cluster settings.

The models we checked at the Spicar dealership Alfa Romeo in Greece they were a gray gasoline-powered Giulia Veloce and a black diesel-powered Stelvio Veloce.

In terms of pricing, the MY 2023 updates might not be as dramatic, but the automotive and financial landscape has changed drastically, leading to a significant increase compared to its predecessors.

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