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Volkswagen T-Cross 2022 gets a new version

Volkswagen informed that they will change the importation of the Brazilian T-Cross for the Indian model, which is sold in Mexico.

With a totally different and more robust design. This new version of the T-Cross 2022 comes with a new front, much more aggressive.

Until now, Brazil exported the model to Mexico. But Volkswagen is looking to shift imports to India.

This incredible change was announced this week, and will result in changes to the mechanics and overall design of the car.

Anyway, the T-Cross model that is produced in India is very different from those we see on the streets of Brazil.

Therefore, Mexicans will have a much more aggressive T-Cross SUV model. With modifications even to the vehicle's platform.

It is worth remembering that in the Indian market, the model is called Taigun, but when importing to Mexico, it will continue to be called T-Cross.

If we look at the car from the outside, we'll see that they added new shapes to the front of it, although it was already very flashy, it ended up with a much more robust grip.

At the rear of the car, the highlight is the red LED strip, connecting one side with the other. Something that doesn't have in our Brazilian Volkswagen T-Cross 2022.

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In terms of the engine, those that will be imported to Mexico will have a 1.0 TSI engine generating 115 hp of power and 18.2 kgfm of torque. Model with 6-speed automatic transmission system.

The model that was imported from Brazil, had a 1.6 aspirated engine, different from those that are coming.

Finally, we have some information that this exchange of versions will start soon.

Therefore, Volkswagen of India has already sent the first batch with 1,232 units of the car to Mexico.

They are also studying whether they will make the same replacement with Virtus, which began to be manufactured at the same factory in India.

We still don't have information if this model will arrive some day here in Brazil, but it would be a good option.

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